• 1:1000
  • $10
  • 30%
    bonus deposit

You are getting on well on a demo account and want to start making real profits, right? You have this opportunity with LiteForex! Cent Forex account is the best way to be involved into the world of real trading and earn your first profit. A CENT account will provide you with a better understanding of the psychology of trading since it has been developed for those who have just taken up Forex trading. At the same time, these accounts minimize trading risks as deposits are denominated in cents.


  • Minimum deposit of $10. CENT accounts do not require huge deposits at this stage of your trading career at LiteForex.
  • Leverage 1:1000. The maximum leverage provided by LiteForex allows you to make bigger profits. For example, you can open a trade of $100,000 having only $100 in the account. Thus, your final income will be 1,000 times more than your deposit in Forex cent account.

Laporan terperinci

JarakFixed, from 3 pips
deposit minimum$10
Recommended deposit$50
Account base currencyUSD cents, EUR cents, CHF cents, RUB kopecks
PlatformMT4, MT5
NewsfeedFull news
Akaun bebas faedahavailable
Rate, % per annum0
Saiz lot ($)1000
Minimum lot0,1
Maximum lot100
Minimum step0,01
Max. number of orders300
Tahap ‘margin call’50%
Tahap ‘Stop Out’20%
Bonuses and advantagesNon-stop Bonus, Pips Back,
Bonus Go

* Akaun CENT tidak tersedia untuk pelanggan dari negara-negara berikut: India, Filipina, Emiriah Arab Bersatu